Your startup journey

Startups at Web Summit Qatar benefit from access to masterclasses, competitions and Mentor Hours, and from networking opportunities with top investors and industry experts. Our initiatives are designed with your goals in mind.

Apply to join our ALPHA startup programme at Web Summit Qatar 2025.

Mishipay booth during day one of Web Summit Qatar 2024 at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center

What’s on offer for participating startups?

Attendees from across the globe. The world’s leading journalists. Investors from the world’s biggest funds. Tech’s most visionary founders. You’ll find them all at Web Summit Qatar.

Successful applicants to our ALPHA startup programme will have full access to more than 250 hours of content, including masterclasses and investor to startup meetings. All startups in the ALPHA track are eligible to apply for PITCH, 40 Words, Mentor Hours and more.

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Meet investors and mentors

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Your startup success coordinator will help you to find relevant roundtables and masterclasses, and to apply for Mentor Hours, giving you the opportunity to pick up valuable advice and expert strategies to grow your business and give you the competitive edge to succeed.

Put your business in the spotlight

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Do you have an outstanding product or groundbreaking idea? Introduce yourself and your vision to the world by taking part in PITCH, Startup Showcase or 40 Words.

Create meaningful connections

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Web Summit Qatar is the ultimate networking opportunity. Our software will help you to connect with some of the most exciting names in tech, allowing you to grow your network.

Ready for your Web Summit Qatar startup journey? Lets get started.

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Get up to speed with our startup success team

Our startup success team will help you to get ready for Web Summit Qatar. You’ll be entered in one of three distinct startup programmes: ALPHA, BETA or GROWTH. Each programme has a range of supports, from helping you create your exhibitor stand to polishing your pitch deck.

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Create your startup profile

Your startup profile is the key to raising your visibility at Web Summit Qatar. This is the place to showcase your product pitch alongside links to your website and social media presence. What’s your USP? Share it with our attendees, and have it featured on our website.

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Apply for startup activations

We have a number of unique startup activations at Web Summit Qatar, including PITCH, Startup Showcase and Mentor Hours. You may want to apply for some or all of these, depending on your own needs. PITCH, for example, gives early-stage startups the chance to compete in a live pitching battle on our largest stage.

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It’s time for Web Summit Qatar!

Once you arrive at Web Summit Qatar, there are countless opportunities to ensure potential customers, investors and partners can find you. Aside from your stand on the exhibition floor, the Web Summit Qatar app is a powerful networking tool for you and your startup.

Startup activations at Web Summit Qatar


PITCH logo

PITCH is Web Summit Qatar’s startup competition, bringing together the world’s leading early-stage startups to battle it out onstage.

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40 Words

40 Words logo


Looking for more exposure? 40 Words gives startups at Web Summit Qatar the opportunity to broadcast their message across the event – in just 40 words.

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Investor to startup meetings

Investor to startup meetings logo

High -potential startups meet with leading investors in a series of pre-scheduled 15-minute meetings specially designed to give startups an edge, providing insider advice on making a startup irresistible to investors.

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Mentor Hours

Mentor Hours logo

Meet the minds behind the unicorns and get advice from people who’ve done it all before. Mentor Hours connects rising startups with established experts for 45-minute meetings.

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Startup masterclasses

Startup masterclasses give you an opportunity to learn directly from tech’s leading investors, executives, accelerators and incubators.

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Startup roundtables

Stay on the path to success, and connect with insiders to get their insights on building and growing your startup.

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Startup Showcase

Startup Showcase logo

Startup Showcase puts your idea in the spotlight. Expect quickfire presentations from startups showcasing innovative solutions to some of the biggest issues in their industries.

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Watch the highlights from Web Summit Qatar 2024

Meet some of the startups that have joined us at our global events

“A major tech conference.”

A person in a suit is pictured from the waist up. They're holding a paper cup in their left hand and are resting their right hand on a metal counter. They appear to be speaking to a second person, who has their back to the camera. In the background, other people mill about what appears to be an exhibition floor.


– Al Jazeera

“Bridges the gap between creativity and tech.”

A person viewed in profile from the chest up. They're holding a pen in their right hand, and writing on a wall that is covered with what appear to be circular stickers.


– Forbes

“A huge experience for us, bringing investment, inspiration and collaboration.”

People walk in front of a low chipboard wall. A person stands under an arch in the centre of this wall. This is an entryway. Text on the arch reads 'Startup Lounge'. Beyond the wall and arch, groups of people are seated at small tables. The space looks industrial, with exposed chipboard walls, and a chipboard ceiling with wooden support beams.


– Mapwize