A person walks away from the camera across cobbled stone. On their left is a two-storey building with marble and tile decor on the exterior walls. Decorative screens cover the windows on the upper level. In front of the person is a round minaret with a loudspeaker attached near the top. The minaret has tile and marble decoration. Behind the minaret are buildings that are painted plainly. To the right is a leafy tree.

Discover Doha

There’s more to Doha than Web Summit Qatar. From majestic modern skyscrapers to the winding paths of Souq Waqif, this is a city – and country – that blends tradition and innovation.

Meet you there?

A courtyard. A reflecting pool in the foreground is surrounded by multi-storey buildings with modern architecture. Sun shades are suspended above the courtyard. A minaret is visible in a gap in the buildings in the far corner of the courtyard. Qatari flags hang from the fronts of the buildings. To the left of the reflective pool are a number of leafy trees in a planter. This is Barahat Msheireb.

Come for Web Summit Qatar. Stay for the Pearl of the Middle East.


A multi-level building in a modern Middle Eastern architecture style that features blunt walls, sharp angles, returning stairs, few windows and a multi-storey glass tower. Two stone towers topped with lights flank the entrance stairs. It is night time, and a sky full of stars is visible behind the building. This is the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha.

From a stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site to Doha’s highly Instagrammable Corniche promenade and the spectacular Greek-style Amphitheatre at Katara Cultural Village, Qatar offers a blend of old- and new-world delights that you won’t want to miss.

Discover Doha’s must-see sights

Hidden gems

A decommissioned fire truck sits on grass in front of a multi-storey building with a modern facade. This is Fire Station, a contemporary art space. A cartoon-style mural of veiled women with flowers, bells and more wraps around the corner of the building closest to the fire truck. A walkway separates the truck and the building. A construction crane is visible in the background. It is daytime.

Interested in something a little different? Try out the intriguing infinity room or the vortex tunnel at Doha’s Museum of Illusions. Or maybe a spot of falconry at the centuries-old Souq Waqif is more your style? There’s lots to experience in Doha beyond mainstream tourist spots.

Discover Doha’s unique places


A cosy seating area. Long, seemingly luxurious couches line a rectangular area. Cushions decorate the couches and separate them into smaller seating areas. Four low hexagonal tables are in the area within the couches. To each side of the couches are dining tables, and the back wall is lined with windows and sumptuous curtains. Orb-shaped lamps hang from the ceiling. This is the Restaurant Argan at Al Jasra Boutique Hotel.

Why not treat yourself to a 360-degree view of Doha at the opulent Three Sixty, a revolving restaurant located in the tallest building in Qatar? Or maybe try out some authentic Qatari cuisine at Al Jasra? Sample the delights of dining out in Doha…

Discover Qatari cuisine


A person sits behind a market stall in Souq Watif selling pearls. Strings of pearls lie on the table in front of them, and they're pouring pearls out of a metal bowl into their hand. A leather case is open on the table. A second person is sitting next to them. This second person is holding a pearl in one hand, and is holding a loupe up to their eye with the other. Behind the pair, more strings of pearls hang from railings. Other stalls stretch away from them into the distance.

You haven’t truly visited Qatar if you haven’t been to a souq. One of the most famous is Doha’s Gold Souq. And why not stop by the Mall of Qatar for shopping, food and live entertainment?

Discover malls and markets


Sand dunes ripple down towards a calm body of water. The dunes curve around a natural bay. It's sunset. This is Khor Al-Adaid, or the Inland Sea.

Relax under the palm trees at Umm Bab Beach, discover the sand dunes of Khor Al-Adaid by off-road vehicle, or sip on a delicious cocktail at Doha Sands Beach. Whatever your beach style, Doha has it all.

Discover Doha’s fabulous beaches

Business travel

A golf course with water hazards and sand traps. A row of palm trees line a road along the edge of the course, leading towards a built-up area with several low-rise buildings.

Make the most out of your business trip to Doha by exploring stunning venues in this Middle Eastern financial hub, which blends cosmopolitan modernity with Arabic tradition

Discover Doha’s work and leisure spots

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