Birds-eye photograph of Night Summit at Barahat Msheireb. There is a crowd of people in the venue. There are lights running along the venue, and there are lit-up squares at the top.

Night Summit

Web Summit Qatar doesn’t end with the final talk of the day.

Each night, attendees get exclusive access to unique events, each with a different theme and atmosphere. Hosted across the city of Doha, Night Summit offers something for everyone.

This is the ultimate way to network while still soaking up Qatar’s heritage and culture.

What you need to know

With its natural beauty, historic architecture and modern cityscape, Doha provides amazing opportunities to connect and experience unrivalled hospitality.

Night Summit is an opportunity to enjoy the city away from the event floor and explore a carefully curated selection of hotspots, which included the Mina District, Barahat Msheireb, and B12 Beach Club at our inaugural event.

Access to Night Summit is included with your Web Summit Qatar ticket.

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A photograph of two musicians performing at Web Summit Qatar.

Meet and greet:
Monday February 26,
Barahat Msheireb

Web Summit Qatar began with the Night Summit meet and greet in the magnificent Barahat Msheireb alongside Opening Night. Attendees mingled in a piazza-style covered square, and got to watch the Opening Night livestream at this historic location in the heart of Doha.

Barahat Msheireb takes its name from the Arabic ‘Al Baraha’, which translates to ‘a space for socialising and networking’ – the perfect place for meaningful connections.



A courtyard. A reflecting pool in the foreground is surrounded by multi-storey buildings with modern architecture. Sun shades are suspended above the courtyard. A minaret is visible in a gap in the buildings in the far corner of the courtyard. Qatari flags hang from the fronts of the buildings. To the left of the reflective pool are a number of leafy trees in a planter. This is Barahat Msheireb.An illustration of overlapping circles in a column.Three smiling people hug each other and look directly into the camera lens. The person in the centre is wearing a lanyard with the Web Summit logo. Behind them is a cobbled street full of people. It's night time. This is Night Summit at LX Factory in Lisbon.

The art of business:
Tuesday February 27,
Mina District

The second night of Night Summit was a unique opportunity to connect with attendees while experiencing one of Doha’s most exciting new developments: Mina District.

The neighbourhood, situated on the site of Doha’s old port, offered stunning sea views, with beautiful cobbled streets and strikingly colourful traditional-style buildings.

A bustling marketplace, surrounded by stone buildings. People walking about the street, some are standing to observe paintings at an outdoors stall. This is Souq Waqif.An illustration of overlapping semi-circles in two columns. To the left, a column of overlapping triangles.A calm street, surrounded by stone buildings. People stroll by in the background on a busier street. A large, square-shapped mural with geometric designs dominates the centre of the image. This is Souq Waqif.

Night Summit party:
Wednesday February 28,
B12 Beach Club

B12 is an unforgettable, luxurious beach club right in the heart of Doha’s trendy West Bay neighbourhood. Attendees took in the stunning views across the water and soaked up the vibrant music – all while enjoying themselves in one of the city’s most exciting hotspots. This was the perfect opportunity to enjoy Qatar’s renowned service and hospitality.


Three people sit on towels spread on top of wooden beach chairs that are placed in a line on the sand. The people are smiling and laughing. They appear to be having a conversation. Behind them, there are cloth-covered sun loungers under thatched beach umbrellas. Behind the beach umbrellas, a cluster of modern glass-fronted buildings are visible. This is B12 Beach Club, Doha.Illustration of a column of overlapping triangular outlines. At the top of the column is a solid, 3D-style triangular shape.On a sandy beach next to the sea, sun loungers are placed under thatched beach umbrellas. It's day time and the sky is clear except for one thin cloud. This is the B12 Beach Club.

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