Startup masterclasses

Startup masterclasses give you an opportunity to learn directly from tech’s leading investors, executives, accelerators and incubators.

Please note: Only startups exhibiting at Web Summit Qatar are eligible to join startup masterclasses.

A person (Initialized Capital founder Garry Tan) sits in an armchair. Garry, who appears to be speaking, is wearing a headset mic and gesturing with both hands, as if to indicate how high something is. On the wall behind Garry, the Web Summit logo is visible in several places.
Garry Tan
Founder | Initialized Capital

What are startup masterclasses?

Taking place in an interactive setting, startup masterclasses focus on the keys to growth and success, with participants discussing everything from building a winning pitch deck and startup PR to harnessing the corporate innovation explosion. Startup masterclasses run across the three days of Web Summit Qatar.

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How to create FOMO when fundraising

Participants took a deep dive into early-stage fundraising, the dos and don’ts of raising capital, and how to build a successful roadshow.

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Speaking the VC language

One of the main struggles among founders is not creating and developing a product, but finding the right words to convince VCs to invest. Participants discovered how to tell their story.

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Cost of capital: Get your funding right

Participants learned how understanding the cost of capital can help when deciding on a funding strategy.

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Unravelling founder DNA

What drives and motivates the founders of some of the most successful startups in the European ecosystem? Participants found out.

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