Your Web Summit Qatar ticket is your key to an incredible event.

How do I access my ticket dashboard?

If you have a ticket for Web Summit Qatar 2024, you can login to your ticket dashboard using the email address you made your order with. A login link will be sent to this email.

If you aren’t the order owner but know you have a ticket assigned to you, you can also login to view your ticket.

How do I reassign my ticket?

Only order owners can reassign tickets. If you are the order owner, please login into your ticket dashboard using the email address you made the order with. Inside your ticket dashboard you will see ‘Manage items’. Here is where you can make changes to your ticket(s).

Please note: not all tickets are reassignable.

What is my ticket reference?

Your ticket reference is the alphanumeric code associated with your Web Summit Qatar ticket. This code can be used to log into your mobile app profile.

You can find your ticket reference in your Web Summit Qatar ticket dashboard. Your ticket reference will be on the left-hand side of your ticket.

How do I complete my profile?

Once you have been assigned a ticket for Web Summit Qatar you will get an email with a link to access the ticket dashboard. To complete your profile please access your dashboard, go to My Profile and fill in the required fields. Your profile will be set.

Please note: If you have any concerns relating to discrepancies between the name on your ticket and your legal identification document, please contact a member of our support team at

How do I apply for a visa letter for the purposes of essential travel and/or obtaining a visa?

You can request a letter confirming your attendance at Web Summit Qatar once you have secured your event ticket.

You can request a letter by signing into your attendee portal here.

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