Women in tech

We’re committed to changing the gender ratio at our global events and to empowering women through networking and mentorship.

Women in tech attendees get access to exclusive women in tech areas at Web Summit Qatar, including our Women in Tech Lounge, masterclasses, roundtables and more.

Join the women in tech network today, and join us in Doha in 2024 to catch talks from the women making waves in the world of tech and beyond.

Three people sit at a high table. One appears to be talking, while the other two listen. All three have individual microphones. They appear to be recording a podcast.

Our commitment to change

We’re deeply committed to changing the gender balance at all of our events, and to empowering women across the world by fostering networking opportunities, building mentorship programmes and nurturing our online women in tech community.

In 2022, 42 percent of attendees at Web Summit in Lisbon were women, and we hope to continue improving on that figure in Doha.

Please note: As part of our commitment to change, and in accordance with Part C of our terms and conditions, this programme is only open to people who identify as women.
A smiling woman wearing a hijab stands at a wooden counter. She gestures with both hands. Two mobile phones and a stack of business cards are on the counter in front of her. In the background, the Qatari flag hangs on a wall in an adjoining room.
A person wearing a VR headset crouches down. In their right hand, they hold a VR controller. Their left hand is lifted towards their face, as if about to adjust the headset. They're viewed in profile.
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“At the current rate, it’s going to take more than 100 years for women to hit pay parity with men. I don’t want to wait that long.”

Two people, seen in profile, face each other. They're both smiling and appear to be having a conversation. One is holding a mobile phone and a glass in their left hand and gesturing with their right. The other is holding a folded piece of card in their hands, which are held in front of them. The two people are surrounded by others who appear to be engaged in other conversations.

– Lindsay Kaplan, Co-founder, Chief

“For every one woman promoted to director level, two women are leaving the workforce.”

A person (co:collective co-founder and CEO Rosemarie Ryan) sits in an armchair. Their left leg is crossed over their right, and they're gesturing with their left hand. They're wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking. The Web Summit logo is visible behind them.

– Rosemarie Ryan, Co-founder & CEO, co:collective

“Women are half the population, and their health affects everyone.”

A person (Siam Capital founder and general partner Sita Chantramonklasri) sits in an armchair. Their left leg is crossed over their right, and their fingers are interlaced over their left knee. They're wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking.

– Sita Chantramonklasri, Founder & General Partner, Siam Capital