Don’t miss these talks on Day 3 of Web Summit Qatar

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Why not try a little of everything on Day 3? From wearables and the future of farming to mega influencers and brand building, we have something for everyone.

There are still so many interesting talks to attend on Day 3, the third and final day of Web Summit Qatar.

With more than 200 top-tier speakers over the course of the event, it can be difficult to choose which talks to attend. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the many fascinating sessions you can expect to enjoy.

How to make great content

According to Hootsuite, there are two billion active monthly users on Instagram, yet the average post engagement rate is just 0.6 percent. How can content creators expect to stand out in such a competitive environment? 

With more than 17 million followers on social media, perhaps actress and content creator Carol Bresolin can share some of the secrets to success. Carol will be joined by Qatari influencer and entrepreneur Haneen Alsaify, a chemical engineer by training who shares lifestyle content across Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Join this session to get expert tips, and to learn about fame, going viral and creating a mega-audience.

Tech-enabled agriculture: From sunlight to the first bite

Are we on the brink of a technology-based agricultural revolution that could solve food shortages? Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) uses technologies and practices – such as indoor and vertical farming, where water, temperature, nutrients and pH levels are all carefully controlled – to optimise growing conditions.

Join Pure Harvest Smart Farms founder and CEO Sky Kurtz to learn how CEA can help fight climate change by enabling successful food production with dramatically reduced water usage and land requirements compared to traditional outdoor farming.

Since CEA facilities can be located almost anywhere, including cities or deserts, food miles can be greatly reduced as well.

Whoop, there it is: Unlocking your peak performance

Where is the wearables market headed in 2024? Whoop is one of quite a few companies in the health wearables vertical, but its unique selling point is pared-down, no-frills tech.

In this session, Whoop founder and CEO Will Ahmed shares the experience of building a wearables brand that is trusted by top athletes including Michael Phelps, Patrick Mahomes and Rory McIlroy. Join this session to get tips on how to perform at your peak and achieve your goals.

Louder than bombs: How mediation tech influences conflict

Hala Systems is a social enterprise startup creating unclassified remote sensing and alerting systems powered by AI and IoT. This tech is used in the creation of, amongst other applications, early warning systems for civilian populations in conflict zones.

In this timely talk, Hala Systems programme director Sama’a Al-Hamdani and product manager Jeba Sania discuss the growing demand for mediation technology.

Join this session to gain insights on developing an advanced platform for conflict mediation designed to empower mediators and foster de-escalation. Jeba manages several technical solutions for Hala Systems, notably Syria’s early warning system.

How hormone health is the next big unicorn market

A relatively new but fast-growing niche in the health and wellness market is hormone health. From easy-to-use apps that track user symptoms to wearables in development that can detect stress and fertility hormone levels, there is a growing number of tech solutions to hormone health.

Amy Thomson, founder of Moody Month, an app that tracks and supports menstrual cycle symptoms, explains how hormones affect everyone and all functions of the human body, from neurotransmitters and metabolism to sleep.

Alongside developing the app, Amy authored a book with Penguin titled Harness the Power of Hormones, outlining the science behind the app. The science of hormones, as explained by Amy, provides the foundations for machine learning technology that can personalise health solutions and future AI.

Navigating brand opportunities and the startup mindset at scale

With TikTok expected to reach two billion users by the end of 2024, it’s easily one of the strongest performing social platforms right now. But how will this cultural juggernaut maintain growth?

In this unmissable session for digital marketers, TikTok president of global business solutions Blake Chandlee shares insights into opportunities for brands, impact, and how to maintain a startup mindset at scale.

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