Don’t miss these talks on Day 2 of Web Summit Qatar

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It’s AI, AI, AI on Day 2 of Web Summit Qatar, but what else should you look out for throughout the day? Sport, influencing and more.

With Day 1 of Web Summit Qatar wrapped up, it’s time check out the most popular sessions for Day 2 – as chosen by the Web Summit Qatar staff.

Do you want to find out how GenAI affects brand authenticity? Or maybe you’re passionate about women’s sports. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Here are five of the talks taking place on Day 2 that you won’t want to miss.

Authenticity over automation: Owning your brand in the age of AI 

The coming years are likely to usher in a wave of AI-generated content, as it becomes increasingly difficult to decipher between human- and ChatGPT-generated material. 

To connect with audiences, it’s now more important than ever for brands and creators to authentically communicate with their audiences. 

So, what does authenticity look like in the age of AI? Find out in this session with creator at Shluv Michael Le and content creator and social media personality Eric Struk.

How to make AI real

Jonathan Ross, founder and CEO of AI chip company Groq, is best known developing a platform for LLMs (AI language models) whose recent viral demo points to a product that would blow current darlings ChatGPT and Gemini out of the water in terms of both search and text generation speed.

Jonathan will be discussing what 2024 holds for AI developments and we’re guessing this will include the rise of LPUs (language processing units), which is what Groq calls its custom AI chips that have been making the news.

Making AI real with the Groq LPU inference engine

Groq founder and CEO Jonathan Ross is all over the news right now, thanks to an eye-catching, speedy solution to what already seemed a fairly fast world of GenAI.

The current options for deploying GenAI are cumbersome, expensive and cannot support real-time inference, including running AI at conversational speeds. However, Groq’s LPU inference engine offers a fundamentally new type of inference solution, with a performance speed that is 10-times faster than standard models.

Join this session to learn how the Groq inference engine is changing the GenAI game, and come along to the morning discussion with Jonathan on Centre Stage for even more AI insights.

Secrets of the Qatari tech ecosystem 

It’s time for a sneak peek into the Qatari tech ecosystem. Find out what life is like as a founder raising a Series A or Series B in the country, discover the lessons that can be learned from around the world, and explore what is uniquely Qatari. 

Join Snoonu founder and CEO Hamad Al-Hajri and Rasmal Ventures junior partner Soumaya Ben Beya Dridje to gain groundbreaking insights in this session. 

Breaking barriers in women’s sports 

Through its progression, the MENA region has witnessed an impressive rise in female athletes. The ability of these women to pave the way and inspire future generations is immeasurable.

Join Mariam Farid of the Qatar National Team and Lulwa Al-Marri, triathlete and the first Qatari female ironman, to learn about these athletes’ unique journeys, and discover the next step for women athletes in Qatar and beyond.

How influencers can turbocharge your marketing campaign 

In a world where brands are increasingly fighting for digital real estate and viewership, influencers could be the secret formula to unlocking new audiences. 

But how do you craft an influencer strategy that works for your company? 

Join this session with YouTube star YouTube star Caspar Lee, Snap head of talent partnerships (EMEA) Julie Bogaert, and CEO Ben Jeffries to find out more. 

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