Your guide to energy at Web Summit Qatar

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From community ecosystems to smart agriculture… These are the Web Summit Qatar speakers, stages and content sessions you need to know about if you’re interested in energy.

Web Summit Qatar is almost here. With 70-plus hours of content planned, there’s something for everyone at our inaugural Middle Eastern event.

Explore our guide to find out what you can expect from the world-class energy experts joining us at the event.

Stop ①: The Web Summit Qatar mobile app

First things first: download the Web Summit Qatar mobile app via the App Store or Google Play Store.

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to use the Schedule tab to discover our full lineup of sessions and events, and to find out where they’ll take place and the topics that they’ll cover. 

You can search for specific tracks or apply filters to get a more tailored view of the content on offer at the event.

Stop ②: The Energy track

Our curated energy track, Energy, gives attendees a chance to explore the future of the energy industry. Experts gather for a thorough examination of the entire landscape, going beyond the confines of traditional and renewable sectors, and envisaging a diverse and more sustainable future. 

Through four curated streams, attendees will have access to all Energy sessions, plus complete access to all roundtables, masterclasses and 10-plus other tracks at Web Summit Qatar:

The power of the energy revolution

The energy revolution symbolises a collective commitment to a greener and more resilient world – one where energy becomes a catalyst for positive global change. Learn about renewable energy technologies, and explore advancements in solar, wind, hydro and geothermal power.

Energy storage breakthroughs

Energy storage is the unsung hero of renewable energy. From advanced battery technologies to pumped hydro storage and beyond, explore the latest developments in this vital sector. Discover small-scale residential solutions, large-scale grid storage systems, and everything in between.

The digital energy grid

The advent of the digital energy grid is an evolution in the way we produce, distribute and manage energy. Learn from experts about the rise of smart grids, demand-response mechanisms and proactive maintenance – and the tech that powers them.

Community energy ecosystems

Globally, energy costs are gradually – and, in some cases, not so gradually – rising. Community energy initiatives that address these rising costs are gaining momentum as a sustainable solution to meet local energy needs, and grassroots movements are focusing on collective management as well as sharing renewable energy.

Stop ③: Energy talks and speakers

Across Centre Stage, Stage 4 and Stage 5, you’ll have access to dozens of speakers discussing everything from sustainable energy storage to technology-driven agriculture. 

Speakers including Shell CEO Wael Sawan, Associated Press global climate and environmental news director Peter Prengaman, and Pure Harvest Smart Farms founder and CEO Sky Kurtz, will share their insights.

Be sure to check out TechMet chairman and CEO Brian Menell’s session on critical metals and how they’re shaping the future of energy. TechMet is the first critical metals company to achieve a billion-dollar valuation, but the world needs at least 50 more of these enterprises to meet the rising energy needs. 

Elsewhere, Arnaud Castagnet of Skeleton Technologies explores how industries can build batteries without scarce raw materials, why lithium-ion batteries are enough for energy transition, and the importance of creating different battery technologies.

Or, if you’re interested in finding out how a global giant on the scale of Shell attempts to tackle carbon emissions, make sure to attend Shell and the future of energy.

Want to explore 70-plus hours of content at Web Summit Qatar? Check out the complete event schedule to get inspired.

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