Your guide to AI at Web Summit Qatar

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Follow our stop-by-stop guide to AI content at Web Summit Qatar in order to get the most out of your experience in Doha from February 26-29.

More than 1,000 startups and 200 speakers are joining us at Web Summit Qatar in Doha this February. With 70-plus hours of content scheduled, there’s so much to experience and learn from.

Are you interested in AI and machine learning? Here’s everything you need to know:

Stop ①: The Web Summit Qatar mobile app

This is your first stop! Before joining us in Doha, make sure you download the Web Summit Qatar mobile app. It’s your ticket, networking tool and schedule planner all in one place.

You can use our app to find your way around the event with maps and schedules, search for the entrepreneurs and companies you want to meet, and get personalised recommendations for new connections and content to check out.

Stop ②: FullSTK and Machine

Our schedule is jam-packed with sessions spread across 10-plus different content tracks.

On the developer side of things, we have FullSTK, which is fully stacked with talks on everything from the role of AI in fintech to ethics in AI.

Are you interested in automation, robotics and the future of transport? Search no further than our Machine track. Check out this session on Else Lab’s automated cooking technology, the Oliver Fleet, which is capable of dispensing ingredients, regulating cooking temperatures, and mixing and stirring. 

Stop ③: AI talks and speakers

Content at Web Summit Qatar is spread across more than 30 topics, including AI and machine learning, one of fastest-growing technologies in the world.

You won’t want to miss Andy O’Connell’s talk, which very much falls under that theme. The Meta product policy and strategy VP will discuss the tech company’s plans for AI, VR and more across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp, Reality Labs and Quest.

Elsewhere, make sure you don’t miss our talks on closing the AI skills gap in the workplace, what it takes to build an AI-driven city, and whether we’ve reached peak AI or will continue to witness it gathering momentum.

Stop ④: AI startups

There are tons of AI startups joining us at Web Summit Qatar – so many that we couldn’t possibly mention them all. But we do want to share a sample of what you can expect to find when you join us in Doha.

Ketbotix is a US-based Series A startup that uses AI to help discover new environmentally friendly materials. Through machine learning, Ketbotix tech can simulate new chemical compounds and figure out how they react to other substances.

Interested in AI tools and services for marketing? Türkiye-based Olindias can help with audience research, digital marketing strategies, and more.

Or maybe GenAI is plaguing your business and you need help detecting generative text? France-based UncovAI has a tool that works across all of the mainstream models, from GPT-4 to LLaMA.

Stop ⑤: Partners in the AI space

Of more than 100 Web Summit Qatar partners, several are active in the AI, analytics and machine learning space.

From Microsoft to Snap, we’ll be joined by high-profile global tech partners who are riding the AI wave. And, between the former’s developments with Bing and Copilot, and the latter’s introduction of a new AI-powered subscription, GenAI is still the tech du jour.

On the event floor, you can visit a cohort of exciting partners, including DXwand, a software company that helps businesses improve their customer service. The company uses AI to understand clients’ knowledge bases and back-end systems, then funnels these insights into conversations with clients’ customers to answer their questions automatically.

Or perhaps you could visit Doris to try out the company’s GenAI-driven virtual fitting room, which offers virtual try-ons, measurements, wardrobe combinations and recommendations in one app.

Check out the Web Summit Qatar schedule for all AI and non AI-related content.

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