The nexus of the global investor ecosystem, Venture is where you’ll meet the people with the inside track on the future of investment.

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A person (Seedcamp managing partner Reshma Sohoni) sits in an armchair. The person's left leg is crossed over their right, and a clipboard is balanced on their knee. They're holding a pen in their right hand, and wearing a radio mic. They appear to be speaking. The Web Summit logo is visible over their right shoulder.
Reshma Sohoni
Managing Partner | Seedcamp

What’s happening?

Venture delves into the world of investing through expert-led sessions and onstage content, gathering influential angels alongside prominent investors from leading international funds, accelerators and LPs.

Your Web Summit Qatar ticket gives you access to all masterclasses and roundtables at the event, as well as to talks on Venture and nine other tracks.

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Navigating the changing VC landscape

VCs are still adapting to a new reality after an unprecedented bull market.  But does the fall in global funding signal the end of overvaluations and easy money? And could this be the recalibration the venture capital scene needs? Get ready for candid insights from the world’s leading investors.

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Rebuilding the venture model

What will VC firms look like in a decade? A push for diversity, sustainability and social responsibility means the individuals and companies investing – and being invested in – are rapidly evolving. Leading voices explore how these emerging trends are shaping the founder-investor dynamic.

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Getting to ‘yes’

Top investors reveal why they choose to invest, discussing their red flags, the product-versus-people debate, and the growth models that win them over. Discover all the tips and tricks that you need in order to make that winning pitch.

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Emerging industries

Generative AI has taken the world by storm. Every sector is set to be turned on its head by a wave of new technologies. Meanwhile, SaaS and fintech stocks remain way off their 2021 highs, while crypto prices are slowly ticking up again. So which industries will see the most activity in 2024? And which ones might just fade into obscurity?

Meet past investor speakers from our global events

Neil ShenFounding Managing PartnerSequoia Capital
Neil Shen
Doug LeoneManaging PartnerSequoia Capital
Doug Leone
Aileen LeeFounder & PartnerCowboy Ventures
Aileen Lee
Alexis OhanianCo-founderSeven Seven Six
Alexis Ohanian
Reshma SohoniManaging PartnerSeedcamp
Reshma Sohoni
Rebecca LynnCo-founder & General PartnerCanvas Ventures
Rebecca Lynn
Garry TanFounder & PartnerInitialized Capital
Garry Tan
Beezer ClarksonManaging DirectorSapphire Ventures
Beezer Clarkson
Peter ThielChairmanFounders Fund
Peter Thiel
Dana SettleFounding PartnerGreycroft
Dana Settle
Jan HammerGeneral PartnerIndex Ventures
Jan Hammer
Connie ChanGeneral PartnerAndreessen Horowitz
Connie Chan
Renata QuintiniCo-founderRenegade Partners
Renata Quintini
Ray DalioFounder, Co-Chief Investment Officer & Co-ChairmanBridgewater Associates
Ray Dalio
Nisa LeungManaging PartnerQiming Venture Partners
Nisa Leung

Companies that have joined our events

“I don't think this is a market you should exit. I think this a market where you put your head down.”

A person (DN Capital founder and managing partner Nenad Marovac) pictured from the waist up. The person is holding their fingertips together in a tented style. They are wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking. The Web Summit logo is visible in several places on the wall behind them.

– Nenad Marovac, Founder, DN Capital

“It’s really hard when founders are looking for peak-2021 valuations.”

An event stage viewed over the heads of a packed audience. Three people sit on stage. Two large screens over the stage show a close-up of these people. The Web Summit logo is visible behind the people.

– Sarah Kunst, Founder, Cleo Capital


“The greatest companies of this decade were birthed in 2008/2009.”

A person (WndrCo partner Anthony Saleh) pictured from the chest up. The person is wearing a headset mic and appears to be speaking.

– Anthony Saleh, partner, WndrCo

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