An exploration of the world’s energy dynamics, Energy gathers experts for a thorough examination of the entire landscape – an examination that transcends the confines of traditional and renewable sectors, and illuminates the path to a diverse and sustainable future.

Afnan Hannan, Co-founder and CEO, Okra Solar
Afnan Hannan
Co-founder and CEO
Okra Solar

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We’re exploring the future of the energy industry at Energy, with four curated content streams. That’s not all, either. Your ticket gives you access to all Energy sessions, as well as to roundtables, masterclasses and other 9 tracks at Web Summit Qatar.

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The power of the energy revolution

The energy revolution symbolises a collective commitment to a greener, more resilient world, where energy becomes a catalyst for positive global change.Dive headfirst into the cutting-edge world of renewable energy technologies, exploring groundbreaking advancements in solar, wind, hydro and geothermal power. Get ready to delve into technical challenges, potential solutions, and the promising future of an energy landscape dominated by renewables.

Energy storage breakthrough

Energy storage is the unsung hero of renewable energy. Marking a pivotal advancement in our ability to harness and manage power. From advanced battery technologies to pumped hydro storage and beyond, meet the latest developments in this vital sector. Discover small-scale residential solutions, marvel at large-scale grid storage systems, and learn how storage is the key to a reliable, renewable energy future.

Digital energy grid metamorphosis

The metamorphosis of the digital energy grid represents a remarkable evolution in the way we produce, distribute, and manage energy. Explore the rise of smart grids that are becoming an intelligent and interconnected system and get a grip on the tech – from AI to IoT and cybersecurity – that’s enabaling an optimised energy flow, efficient demand-response mechanisms, and proactive maintenance.

Community energy ecosystem redefined

Discover the innovative business models and financing structures fueling renewable energy’s growth, and learn how public policy is greasing the wheels of change. Get a front-row seat to the local solutions that are revolutionising the global energy landscape and shaking up geopolitics along the way.

Meet past speakers from our global events

Seonghoon WooCo-founder & CEOAmogy
Seonghoon Woo
Tarun MehtaCo-founder & CEOAther Energy
Tarun Mehta
Christopher HopperCo-founder & CEOAurora Solar
Christopher Hopper
Shelley McCainGlobal Sustainability Partnerships, Technology SectorShell
Shelley McCain
Andy BrownCEOGalp
Andy Brown
Toto WolffTeam Principal & CEOMercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team
Toto Wolff
Miguel Stilwell d'AndradeCEOEDP
Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade
Mariana VasconcelosFounder & CEOAgrosmart
Mariana Vasconcelos
Andreas SchierenbeckCo-founder and Board memberHH2E
Andreas Schierenbeck
Ann DunkinChief Information OfficerUS Department of Energy
Ann Dunkin
Brian WalshHeadWind Ventures
Brian Walsh
Sebastian RualesCo-founder & CEOBia Energy
Sebastian Ruales
Susan StoneCEOUbiquitous Energy
Susan Stone

Companies that have joined our events

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“Electricity and air are the new infrastructures.”

David Wallerstein, Chief Exploration Officer, Tencent Holdings 2

David Wallerstein, Chief Exploration Officer, Tencent Holdings

"In agriculture we're going through a digitalisation process."

Mariana Vasconcelos, Founder & CEO, Agrosmart

Mariana Vasconcelos, Founder & CEO, Agrosmart

“Now with data, robotics, sustainable energy, homes are evolving.”

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer, IKEA, on Centre Stage during the opening day of Web Summit 2019

Barbara Martin Coppola, Chief Digital Officer, IKEA

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