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SaaS Monster is the meeting place of the tech companies altering our day-to-day lives. Some of the biggest players in cloud computing, big data, security, customer service and enterprise technology convene to design the future of the way we work.

Melanie Perkins
Co-founder & CEO

What's happening?

Web Summit Qatar attendees will learn about what lies in store for society from the world’s best-informed speakers in onstage talks, panel discussions and Q&As, as well as roundtables and masterclasses. That’s not all – your ticket gives you access to all SaaS Monster sessions, as well as to roundtables, masterclasses and 9 other tracks at Web Summit Qatar.

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Vertical SaaS

There has been a growing emphasis on developing specialised SaaS applications for industries such as healthcare, finance, retail, manufacturing and more. Leaders share how to utilise vertical SaaS to provide targeted solutions that streamline operations and deliver industry-specific value.

AI and machine learning in SaaS

SaaS platforms are leveraging AI and machine learning to provide enhanced insights, automate repetitive tasks, improve personalisation, and optimise processes for users. Experts explore how this drives efficiency and effectiveness, and debate the downsides – if any – of this technology.

Low-code/no-code development

The low-code/no-code movement is gaining momentum in the SaaS space. These platforms enable users with limited coding skills to create software applications and workflows through visual interfaces and drag-and-drop components. But are low-code/no-code tools here to stay?

Enhanced integration and connectivity

Seamless integration and connectivity between different SaaS applications is crucial for businesses to create unified workflows and data flows. In 2023, there is an increasing focus on open APIs, standardised data formats, and interoperability between SaaS platforms. How might this benefit companies?

Meet past speakers from our global events

Adam SelipskyCEOAmazon Web Services
Adam Selipsky
Andrey KhusidFounder & CEOMiro
Andrey Khusid
Christina CacioppoCo-founder & CEOVanta
Christina Cacioppo
Stewart ButterfieldCo-founder & CEOSlack
Stewart Butterfield
Martin KlenkCo-Founder and CTOCelonis
Martin Klenk
Melanie PerkinsCo-founder & CEOCanva
Melanie Perkins
Edith HarbaughCo-founder & Executive ChairLaunchDarkly
Edith Harbaugh
Max LytvynCo-founderGrammarly
Max Lytvyn
Aaron LevieCo-founder & CEOBox
Aaron Levie
Manny MedinaCo-founder & CEOOutreach
Manny Medina
Eric YuanFounder & CEOZoom
Eric Yuan
Michelle ZatlynCo-founder, President & COOCloudflare
Michelle Zatlyn
Mike KnoopCo-founderZapier
Mike Knoop
Jennifer TejadaCEOPagerDuty
Jennifer Tejada
Bret TaylorCo-CEOSalesforce
Bret Taylor

Companies that have joined our events

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"If you worry about deploying, you're not going to want to release something unless you're pretty sure it's going to work."

Rebecca Parsons, CTO, ThoughtWorks

“Empower people so they can work in whatever way they want.”

Brad Smith, President, Microsoft Corporation

"Never stop being a good company because of a bad customer"

Des Traynor, Co-founder, Intercom

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