Startup roundtables

Welcome to startup roundtables at Web Summit Qatar. Stay on the path to success, and connect with insiders to get their insights on building and growing your startup.

Please note that only startups exhibiting at Web Summit Qatar are eligible for startup roundtables. Apply to join our 2024 ALPHA startup programme.

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What are startup roundtables?

Startup roundtables are 60-minute discussions on the biggest issues facing startups. This is your chance to join industry leaders for the kinds of intimate discussions that have become rare in the last year. Startup roundtables take place in the Mentor Hours area on day three of the event.

A startup pitch on Startup Showcase stage

Check out some roundtables from our past events

Data innovation and AI

Hosted by The GovLab. Stefaan is an expert in establishing new programs, new research centres, new initiatives and new policies that make changes with a global impact. This session looked at data, governance, and improving the lives of people around the world.

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Future skills for a new reality

Hosted by KPMG. Remote working is the new normal. Attendees joined Armughan to learn the skills necessary to do it more efficiently and effectively.

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Creating a culture of creativity and innovation

The co-founders of co:collective, a creative and strategic transformation partner for purpose-led businesses that helps clients develop and execute their brand and business strategy, discussed nailing a creative and innovative culture.

How AI can foster innovation

Hosted by Advanced Micro Devices. AI is widely talked about but, as entrepreneurs, how can we use it to change what we do? In this roundtable, Mark discussed the role AI could play in the next wave of tech advancements.

Seeking a hidden dragon

Hosted by Collins. Brian Collins explored the ways in which companies can be proactive in preparing for future challenges, as opposed to simply reacting to the latest crisis.

Strategic identity in the great transition

Hosted by Cronan. We’re all in the same storm – just in different boats. This session asked, ‘When the world turns, how do we set our course?’

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How to effectively raise capital and find the right VC for you

Hosted by Brightspark Ventures. Top Canadian VC Sophie Forest guided us through some of the most important elements of fundraising.

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Using AI to solve environmental challenges

Hosted by Rainforest Connection. Have you ever wondered how AI, machine learning and old phones can help to save the rainforests? Topher walked attendees through the process of turning an old mobile phone into a tracking device.

“The world’s best speakers.”

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“Where the future goes to be born.”

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“Bridges the gap between creativity and tech.”

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"A huge experience for us, bringing investment, inspiration, and collaboration."

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