40 Words

Looking for more exposure? 40 Words gives startups at Web Summit Qatar the chance to broadcast their big ideas across the event – all in just 40 words.

Apply to join our ALPHA startup programme for 2025.

Amra Iuoop, BootUp, at Alpha booths during day one of Web Summit Qatar 2024

How does it work?

To apply for 40 Words, simply send us a video in which you outline your company’s pitch in just 40 words. If chosen, your video will be shown on our screens across all stages and throughout the venue at Web Summit Qatar.

A smiling person with their hands folded across their chest. They are wearing a crew-neck t-shirt that reads 'Google Workspace'. Behind them, several people are seated on high stools around high tables.A person viewed from the waist up holds a microphone in their right hand. They are wearing glasses and a hoody and appear to be speaking.A seated audience of people viewed side on. Most of these people are looking away from camera in the same direction. One person in the centre of the front row of people is looking at their mobile phone, and another person is using a laptop.

Startup selection

Startups must submit a self-recorded video of their 40-word elevator pitch. Our team will review each application and create a shortlist of successful candidates. Scripts must contain no more than 40 words – hence the name.

Make every second count

You’ve only got 40 words, so choose them wisely. Cut the filler and focus on the idea. Bear in mind that your video isn’t just going out to investors – it’s for everyone at Web Summit Qatar. Use language that all attendees will understand, whatever their background.

At Web Summit Qatar

All selected videos will be played on screens at stages and throughout the venue, maximizing your exposure and broadcasting your pitch to all attendees.

Meet some of our past winners

Watch the highlights from Web Summit Qatar 2024

“Where the future goes to be born.”

A stage viewed from a distance over the silhouetted heads of a packed audience. Three people sit in armchairs on the stage. Two large screens hang above the stage. A close up of a person's head and shoulders is visible on the screens.


– The Atlantic


“One of the most highly regarded gathering places for startups.”


– Entrepreneur

“Bridges the gap between creativity and tech.”

A person stands on a stage. They are holding a microphone up to their mouth with their right hand. The stage is viewed over the heads of a seated audience. A person in the audience is taking a photo on their mobile phone. Text on the stage reads 'Startup Showcase 2', and PITCH and Siemens logos are printed on the back of each chair in the audience.


– Forbes