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When and where Web Summit Qatar is, what you should bring, Opening Night and more.

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When is Web Summit Qatar?

Web Summit Qatar takes place from February 26-29, 2024. View the full schedule here.

Where is Web Summit Qatar?

Web Summit Qatar takes place at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

What is Opening Night, and how can I attend?

We expect Opening Night and Night Summit, both taking place on Monday evening, to reach full capacity. If Night Summit at Barahat Msheireb does reach capacity, we have extra space at Souq Waqif, where our attendees will also be gathering.

If you plan on joining us for Opening Night at Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC), please be aware that we are likely to hit capacity early due to high demand and limited space. There’s a chance that you may be waiting for a while, and you may not get in.Entry to Opening Night at the DECC begins at 5pm.

You must be registered, and have collected your wristband and lanyard, to join us. In the event that you’re unable to secure entry to Opening Night at the DECC, don’t worry – Night Summit festivities kick off at 5.45pm, and Barahat Msheireb is just a short metro ride away. You will get to know your fellow attendees in this incredible piazza-style square in the heart of Doha, where you’ll also be able to watch a livestream of Opening Night on the big screen.

We’re blown away by the high demand for Opening Night and want to make sure everyone gets a chance to enjoy the festivities.

Can I bring a bag to Opening Night?

Small bags will be permitted. Any bags bigger than a backpack will not be allowed inside the venue.

Is there a place I can leave my bag on event days?

There will be free cloakrooms and bag drops available at the venue for all attendees. Bags bigger than a backpack can be left here.

Is there a map of the venue?

You can find the venue map here, or you can find it in the Web Summit Qatar mobile app by tapping the menu icon (=) and selecting ‘Venue map’.

Will there be parking at the venue?

Yes, parking will be available at the DECC.

What security checks will be carried out?

The safety and security of attendees at Web Summit Qatar is our primary concern. Security checks will be mandatory when entering venues. These checks will be in adherence with Qatar’s security and health protocols at the time of the event.

Can I enter the venue with a camera?

Personal camera equipment is allowed, but tripods are not permitted.

Will there be wifi available at Web Summit Qatar?

Official event wifi will be freely available throughout the DECC.

Please do not use personal hotspots, as they will interfere with onsite network connectivity.

Will food be available onsite?

You can find a range of food and beverage options at Food Summit at Web Summit Qatar.

What is Food Summit?

Food Summit is an opportunity for attendees to enjoy and experience Qatar’s burgeoning multicultural food scene. There will be 20 different food stalls offering a variety of food and beverages, from local Qatari dishes to international flavours.

You can find Food Summit on the venue map, or through though the mobile app.

What kind of food will be available?

Offerings at Food Summit will range from traditional Qatari and Middle Eastern dishes to international street food and decadent desserts.

How much will food cost at Web Summit Qatar?

Most food served at Food Summit will fall into the 25-75 QAR price range.

Is food served all day?

Food Summit is open all day, but it will be busiest from 12 noon to 3pm. If it reaches capacity, you can take a short walk to City Centre Mall and grab a bite to eat there.

Can I bring my own food to Web Summit Qatar?

You are permitted to bring your own food.

I have special dietary requirements. Will this be catered for?

We have tried to ensure that there are suitable food options available to all attendees, and have worked with the catering suppliers to accommodate a range of dietary requirements, including supplying vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Will the food vendors accept cashless payments?

In order to limit the handling of money during the event, reduce queuing times and improve health and safety standards, all food and beverage catering units inside the venue will be entirely cashless. Please remember to bring your card with you.

Will I be able to purchase beverages onsite?

You’ll be able to purchase soft drinks, water, coffee and tea during the event.

Will there be a lost and found?

Lost and found items will be kept at the Info Point, located inside the venue. At the end of each day, the Info Point will hand over all found items to DECC security.

To recover your items, you must present reasonable proof of ownership. Any items left for longer than one month will be disposed of at DECC’s discretion. Anyone who has lost property should report the details to DECC security as soon as they become aware of the loss. You can report your lost item by calling (+974) 4033 1999.

Is there a translation or transcription service available?

Audio translation (English to Arabic and Arabic to English) will be available on Centre Stage.

The audio translation service can be accessed through the Web Summit Qatar mobile app, where users will be taken to a third-party audio translation service, LiveVoice.

There will be no transcription service available.

Is there a closed captioning service available?

Closed captions are available for content on Centre Stage only. Captions for this stage can be viewed on the Web Summit Qatar mobile or web app. Captions are provided in English.

Accessibility information

Web Summit Qatar is committed to making our events accessible and welcoming for everyone. You can read our accessibility policy here.

If you have an accessibility request for our team, please fill out this form. Requests should be made as soon as you have secured your ticket to Web Summit Qatar.

Please note: We may be unable to grant requests made after January 26, 2024.

Do you have an anti-harassment policy?

Web Summit Qatar is dedicated to providing an enjoyable, respectful and safe event experience for everyone. You can read our anti-harassment policy here.

What are the ticket requirements for children at Web Summit Qatar?

Web Summit Qatar is an over-18s event. If you’d like more information, please contact

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