How should I prepare for Web Summit Qatar, when and where can I register, and what do I need to bring?

A photograph of two people at Web Summit. One person appears to be registering at the event with a mobile phone in their hand. The other appears to be working at the event and helping the attendee. There are other attendees visible in the background.

Where can I get my event accreditation?

You can pick up your lanyard and wristband at registration. You’ll need to register with your ticket and get your accreditation to access Web Summit Qatar.

Where should I register?

At the Doha Exhibition and Convention Centre (DECC), West Bay, Doha, Doha, Qatar.

When should I register?

At the DECC, registration will be available at the following times:

Saturday February 24

Sunday February 25

Monday February 26

Tuesday February 27

Wednesday February 28

Thursday February 29

Please note: These times are subject to change.

What do I need to bring?

To access the venue, you will need to register with your your ticket and photo identification. You can find your ticket in the Web Summit Qatar mobile app here.

Are there specific queues at registration for each ticket type?

There are specific queues for: general attendee tickets, women in tech tickets, scholar tickets, partner tickets, investor and executive tickets, VIP tickets, media tickets, ALPHA tickets, and BETA and GROWTH tickets. These will be clearly signposted at registration.

Do I have to wear my accreditation for the entire conference?

You have to wear your lanyard and wristband each day of the event, and for Night Summit.

What happens if I lose or need to replace my accreditation?

You will receive a lanyard and wristband during the registration process. These are both important and are required for entry throughout the event venue.

If you lose one item of accreditation, you will be charged a fee of QR500 to replace it. If both items are lost, you must repurchase a ticket at the current ticket price of QR3,195. Please go to the ticket support desk for assistance.

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