A person walks away from the camera. They are walking towards a multi-storey facade – pale stone carved in a Middle Eastern architectural style. Low, wide doors are carved at the base of the facade, and large 'windows' with balconies dominate the rest. Long, slender pillars between the windows are in a Greek Ionic style. Potted plants stand at the base of each pillar. It's daylight.


Explore the wonders of Qatar, including the natural beauty of Purple Island, the vibrant Corniche promenade, the captivating Katara Cultural Village, the impressive Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) and the historic Al Zubarah Archaeological Site. Each offers a unique slice of Qatari culture, history and lifestyle.

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A waterfront promenade (Doha's Corniche) is viewed from afar over water. In the background, multi-storey buildings and one skyscraper are visible. In the foreground, wooden boats appear to be moving across the water. It's sunset. The water is calm.

Purple Island

An aerial view of a person navigating a kayak across clear waters. To their left, leafy shrubs grow directly out of the water. The water and the shrubs stretch to the horizon. It's day time.

Just an hour’s drive from Doha, near the coastal city of Al Khor, Purple Island captivates with its natural beauty , making it an ideal day-trip destination​. The island’s name can be traced back to the second millennium BC, when it served as the main site of the Kassite-controlled purple dye industry.

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Museum of Islamic Art

A multi-level building in a modern Middle Eastern architecture style that features blunt walls, sharp angles, returning stairs, few windows and a multi-storey glass tower. Two stone towers topped with lights flank the entrance stairs. It is night time, and a sky full of stars is visible behind the building. This is the Museum of Islamic Art, Doha.

The Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) is itself a work of art. Designed by the celebrated architect IM Pei (famous for the Louvre’s glass pyramid entrance), the museum is housed on its own purpose-built island off Doha’s waterfront promenade. The museum hosts a heritage library with 21,000 books, including 2,000 rare editions in Arabic and English.

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Al Zubarah Archaeological Site

A square fortress (Al Zubarah) surrounded by bare sandy earth. Round towers stand at three of the fortress's corners. The fourth corner, next to the fortress's entrance, is dominated by a rectangular tower, from which the Qatari flag flies. Outside the walls of the fortress sits a small cannon, surrounded by ropes. A wire fence stretches behind the fortress. On the other side of the fence is a low modern building and a bus. A sliver of sea is visible on the horizon. It's day time.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a partially excavated coastal town that offers a glimpse into the region’s rich history. Located about 105 kilometres northwest of Doha, it is reachable by car or taxi. The fort has been transformed into a museum where visitors can explore artefacts from the pearl-diving era. 

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The Corniche

An empty wooden boat (a dhow boat) anchored in a calm bay. The boat has a mast and a shaded area open on the sides, and a Qatari flag flies from the stern. In the middle distance, a row of palm trees lines a waterfront, leading to the famed 7 sculpture. Behind 7, the skyscrapers of Doha are visible. It's day time.

The Corniche could be named alongside Sydney Harbour and Manhattan as one of the world’s most iconic city skylines. With a promenade that stretches for more than seven kilometres along Doha’s waterfront, there are parks, museums, shops, restaurants and more to explore.

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Katara Cultural Village

A person stands on the stage at the centre of an amphitheatre that's carved entirely out of pale stone. The stage is viewed from midway up the tiered sides of the amphitheatre. It's day time. The sky is clear.

Katara Cultural Village is located between the financial district of West Bay and the Pearl Island residential neighbourhood in Doha. Modern yet traditional, this self-styled village has beautiful mosques and museums, as well as upscale dining and shopping options.

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