In the foreground, water flows out of the bucket of a fountain that looks like an old well. The well is made of a low brick wall with two vertical rough-hewn wooden beams stuck in it. A horizontal wooden beam is attached to the top of these with rope. The bucket is suspended from the horizontal beam, also with rope. Beyond the well is an open tiled square, with benches dotted around and pigeons clustered on the ground. To the left of the square is a patch of palm trees, and beyond the square is a building in a modern Middle Eastern architectural style, topped with a minaret. This is the Sheikh Abdulla Bin Zaid Al Mahmoud Islamic Cultural Center. It is day time.


Explore a world of shopping in Doha, including the historically rich Souq Waqif, the high-end boutiques of Msheireb Downtown Doha and the colossal Mall of Qatar. Each offers a unique blend of retail, dining and entertainment options.

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Two people stand on a tiled walkway. They're taking a selfie in front of a stone balustrade. Beyond the balustrade are several palatial buildings in a classic European architectural style featuring columns, domes and large arched windows. A courtyard between the buildings is dominated by a large modern fountain.

Souq Waqif

A bustling marketplace, surrounded by stone buildings. People mill about the street, and sit at tables at outdoor restaurants. A giant bronze thumb, as tall as some of the multi-storey buildings, dominates the centre of the image. In the background, a minaret rises above the buildings. This is Souq Waqif.

Steeped in history and brimming with life, Souq Waqif offers a unique and immersive experience that transports you back to a time when Doha was a bustling hub of traders and vendors. The marketplace is renowned for a wide range of practical and fantastical products. There’s something for every treasure hunter, including shoes, antiques, handicrafts, woven fabrics, rugs, wooden furniture and glass ornaments.

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Msheireb Downtown Doha

A courtyard. A reflecting pool in the foreground is surrounded by multi-storey buildings with modern architecture. Sun shades are suspended above the courtyard. A minaret is visible in a gap in the buildings in the far corner of the courtyard. Qatari flags hang from the fronts of the buildings. To the left of the reflective pool are a number of leafy trees in a planter. This is Barahat Msheireb.

Msheireb Downtown Doha is home to the Msheireb Galleria, a shopping centre with more than 100 stores where visitors can shop for luxury brands. The Galleria is also home to the famous EL&N cafe, too – an Instagram hotspot with hot pink decor. At the heart of Msheireb Downtown Doha, you can also find the Doha Design District, a hub of innovation that serves as the epicentre of Qatar’s design scene.

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Mall of Qatar

Exterior of a large modern building. A sign above the entrance reads 'Mall of Qatar'. In front of the building are several fountains and a row of palm trees. It's dusk.

A retail and entertainment destination, the Mall of Qatar – the largest mall in the country – features the famous Oasis, an atrium landscaped with planted beds and living, tree-like support structures. At the centre of the Oasis is MOQ Live, a professional theatre with live entertainment shows and performances held on a 360-degree rotating stage. There are plenty of well-known brands to shop for throughout the mall, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Birkenstock, Lush and Kiehl’s.

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Gold Souq

A squat two-storey building viewed from across a tiled courtyard. The architectural style is modern Middle Eastern, with covered colonnades on both floors and a flat roof. A short, broad flight of stairs leads up to glass front doors. It's day time.

Doha’s Gold Souq is the place to go for high-quality gold jewellery, as well as platinum, silver, white gold and precious gems. The entire area is filled with jewellery shops offering a rich variety of watches, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. One of the most popular tourist purchases in the Gold Souq is customised jewellery – your name written in Arabic. 


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Lagoona Mall

Mall interior. A corridor lined with glass-fronted shops, two of which have 'Karl Lagerfeld' and 'Max & Co' signs above the doors. Along the centre of the corridor are dotted seating areas and potted plants. Gold-coloured circles are suspended from lighting fixtures on the ceiling.

If you’re visiting the Pearl neighbourhood in Doha, be sure to swing by Lagoona Mall, which is located right beside it. Explore the boutiques and high-end couture, and visit Fifty One East, one of the Middle East’s largest department stores. Lagoona also has a cinema and play area to keep the entire family entertained. However, be mindful that the mall is closed entirely on Sundays.


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