A canal flows between Italian-style multi-storey buildings with balconies and window awnings. A humpback bridge spans the canal. On both banks are spacious walkways. It is day time. This is Qanat Quartier.

Hidden gems

Want to experience Doha off the beaten track? Explore the historical art of falconry, the Venetian-style canals of Qanat Quartier and the artistic beauty of Fire Station, Doha’s leading contemporary art space. Each of these treasures offers one-of-a-kind entertainment for people of all ages.

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A person sits on an amusement ride. They are strapped in with an over-the-shoulder harness, which they're holding with both hands. Their eyes are closed and they're laughing as their hair whips around in the wind.

Qanat Quartier

A canal flows between Italian-style multi-storey buildings with balconies and window awnings. A humpback bridge spans the canal. On both banks are spacious walkways. It is day time. This is Qanat Quartier.

Located on the Pearl Island, Qanat Quartier is a stunning waterfront neighbourhood set amid beautiful lakes and gardens. The area captivates locals and visitors by capturing Venice’s charming canals and Italian architecture. Visitors can wander through winding streets lined with cafés and restaurants, and traipse across scenic bridges. The canals are full of gondolas and paddleboards, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of the Venetian waterways.

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Museum of Illusions

In a tunnel that appears to have been designed to look like the night sky, a walkway with handrails along both sides stretches into the distance.

The Museum of Illusions is an interactive museum that aims to defy visitors’ understanding and perception of the world through carefully curated exhibitions. Visit and explore a world of captivating illusions and fascinating adventures. Think you’re brave enough to try defying gravity? Experience the exhilarating vortex tunnel to put your senses to the test.

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Doha Quest

An aerial view of a spacious hall. On the left, a Planet Hollywood restaurant designed in a Middle Eastern architectural style. Next to Planet Hollywood, two people (who appear to be security guards) stand at the end of a red carpet lined with velvet rope. In the centre is an amusement ride called Time Tumbler. It appears to be in the octopus style, with eight arms that revolve around a central axis of rotation while moving up and down in a wavelike motion. To the right of the Time Tumbler is a large door that appears to lead to another room. To the right of this is a concession stand. The ceiling of the space is painted to look like the night sky.

Sprawled across 32,000 square metres, this indoor theme park has more than 30 rides and attractions. Doha Quest houses a mix of adrenaline-heavy thrill rides, media-controlled simulators, virtual reality experiences and family-friendly attractions. Quest’s signature rides are EpiQ Coaster (the world’s tallest indoor rollercoaster) and Magma Blast (the world’s tallest indoor drop tower).

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Fire Station

A decommissioned fire truck sits on grass in front of a multi-storey building with a modern facade. This is Fire Station, a contemporary art space. A cartoon-style mural of veiled women with flowers, bells and more wraps around the corner of the building closest to the fire truck. A walkway separates the truck and the building. A construction crane is visible in the background. It is daytime.

Fire Station is Doha’s leading contemporary art space. Located near the city’s central Al Bidda Park, the gallery showcases art and artists, and spotlights emerging talent through its artist in residence programme. Past exhibitions have featured artwork from Picasso, Virgil Abloh and Kazimir Malevich. The space’s Garage Gallery features a rotating series of exhibitions, with no permanent collection on display.

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Falcon Souq

A person stands on a rocky beach. Their left arm is raised in front of them, and a falcon perches – with its wings spread – on their hand. The sun is setting directly behind the person and their falcon. A calm sea is visible in the background.

Located within Souq Waqif, Falcon Souq is one of the most exciting places to visit in Doha. Qatar’s national bird, the falcon is highly honoured and celebrated for its crucial role in the country’s rich heritage and culture. Visitors can admire the majestic birds up close, take pictures and, under the supervision of a professional, strike a pose with a falcon perched on their arm.

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