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Welcome to our brand guidelines hub. Below, you’ll find all the logos and assets you need to promote your attendance at Web Summit Qatar® while respecting our brand and licensing restrictions.

Note that by using these resources, you accept our terms of service. Usage of these resources is covered by the Web Summit brand assets terms and conditions and guidelines.



Our logo is the main iconic symbol of the Web Summit Qatar® brand and events.


Please use it exactly as specified in these guidelines.


This rich Dark Red is the primary colour of the Web Summit Qatar colour palette.

Hex #B31B54

RGB 179, 27, 84

CMYK 25, 100, 57, 12

PMS 215 C


If you need to use our logo on a coloured background, always keep a minimum contrast ratio of 3:1 (use this tool to check colour contrast). Anything less may compromise visibility and is not recommended.

Safety area

Our safety area is the height of the letter ‘i’ within the logo. No visual elements should encroach on this safety area.



Manipulate the colours of the logo


Distort the proportions of the logo


Place over busy backgrounds


Use old Web Summit logos

Download our logo pack