Check out these 7 startups our investors are eager to meet at Web Summit Qatar

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With more than 1,000 startups heading to Doha, our inaugural middle eastern event is sure to be a historic one. Take a look at the companies investors are buzzing about.

With the help of the Web Summit Qatar mobile app, investors attending our event in Doha have been handpicking the startups they are most excited to see. 

From investment platforms to healthtech companies, here are the seven most selected startups.


Launched in 2021, Baraka is an investment platform enabling Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) investors to trade US stocks and ETFs.

Headquartered in Dubai, the company has more than 40,000 subscribers to date and offers users access to a suite of products, tools and market insights to build financial portfolios. 


With AI-driven data on the rise, Accredify, an information technology company based out of Singapore, aims to help companies transition from digital data to verifiable data. 

The company’s unique technology, TrustTech, enables users to create, issue and manage verifiable digital documents in a secure and transparent way. 

Aktivo Labs

Founded in 2017, Aktivo Labs is a healthtec and wellness company seeking to prevent chronic diseases globally by equipping organisations with real-time digital solutions.

With the help of their unique technology, the Singapore-based company aims to empower its customers to make informed lifestyle choices by measuring the healthiness of users based on individual data.


Founded in 2017 by a team of lawyers and computer scientists, SpotDraft is an all-in-one contract management system that ‘democratises legal paperwork’ and aims to streamline contract creation, negotiation and tracking processes.

Designed to suit organisations of all sizes, the company claims to enhance efficiency, save time, and minimise errors in legal practices. 

To date, Spotdraft has supported businesses including Notion, Airbnb, OnDeck and VSCO.


Greenr is a sustainability-as-a-service platform that offers an employee engagement app and an AI-powered carbon accounting dashboard which allows users to measure, track, reduce and offset their business emissions. 

Backed by The University of Cambridge, Tandem, and Fintech Innovation Lab, the company’s mission is to combat climate change by empowering workforces.


Founded in 2018 with an aim to provide accessible and bias-free financial resources, Colendi provides embedded fintech services for consumers, merchants, financial and non-financial institutions.

With the help of its scoring algorithms, the company provides users with customised credit scores to free them from previous financial history. To date, the company has supported seven million users worldwide.


Enline is a cloud-based SaaS platform that applies electromechanical and thermal behaviour information to power systems’ assets.

The company’s AI Digital Twin Monitoring system aims to empower users to predict faults and critical events, optimise energy assets, and improve the efficiency and reliability of energy infrastructure.

Web Summit Qatar is right around the corner. Don’t miss out. Get your tickets today.

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