Meet five exciting Qatar-based startups heading to Web Summit Qatar

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Ahead of our inaugural middle eastern event, take a look at these five Qatar-based startups heading to Web Summit Qatar.

Web Summit Qatar is just around the corner and with more than 800 startups joining us on the event floor, it can be difficult to know what to look out for during the event.

Here are some standout Qatar-based startups you won’t want to miss during Web Summit Qatar:

Lzhiba Design and Trading

Founded in 2020 and specifically aimed at Qataris, Lzhiba is an E-Commerce platform where users can post new or used items for sale and purchase via the company’s website or mobile app.

Uses integrated payment gateways to streamline product searches and purchases, the organisation is owned, developed, managed and fully operated in Qatar. 


SideLynes is a video communication platform for global sport ecosystems aimed at connecting athletes directly with fans. 

With a mission to foster relationships between sports lovers and leaders, the company offers a mobile app allowing sports figures to monetize their following by selling video interactions to their fans to provide mentorship, advice and guidance.

EMMA systems 

EMMA is an IT company providing airports with real time data by monitoring parameters, conditions and systems to optimise efficiency and safety in air travel.

The company’s real time A-CDM dashboard aims to allow operators and administrators to plan and manage airport schedules and improve decision making through AI technologies. 


Classtap is a fitness technology company designed to connect fitness enthusiasts with studios, gyms and wellness providers via their platform and mobile app.

The company’s mission is to change the way people access fitness and wellness services in order to empower users to live more active and healthier lives. 

Each membership comes with credits which can be used to book sessions at any studio or gym in the Classtap network.


Founded in 2019, ViaVii is a booking management system and an online marketplace designed for the MENA region’s travel experiences market. 

The company’s aim is to provide travellers with a user-friendly online platform with personalised travel experiences based on budget requirements and their individual interests. 

Check out our startups page for more information on the companies attending Web Summit Qatar.

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