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Make use of Web Summit Qatar’s contact book with Mentor Hours, and meet the founders and CEOs of the major tech companies in your industry.

In February, tech experts, speakers and industry leaders from around the world will come together in Doha for our inaugural middle eastern event, Web Summit Qatar.

With our Mentor Hours programme, attending startups have the opportunity to get advice from experienced mentors who began as entrepreneurs eager to disrupt.

These pre-scheduled, 45-minute interactive meetings pair startups with a business expert who has relevant experience to discuss the issues most important to you.

Ask questions, share your experiences and get advice from industry experts to help make your startup a success story.

What are the Mentor Hours tracks?

Mentor Hours is divided into four distinct tracks:

  • Lead: Get to grips with leadership, entrepreneurship and hiring.
  • Engage: Learn the ins and outs of design, marketing, social media and PR.
  • Build: Discover more about UI and UX, hardware and software, and front- and back-end development.
  • Grow: Get advice on raising capital, financing and global expansion.

Each track features different business experts who will draw on their insights, and the collective experiences of the attending startups, to discuss the issues relevant to you.

What are the benefits of Mentor Hours?

Tailored advice

Getting personalised insights from a business mentor is a privilege not every startup gets to experience. It’s hard to put a price on unique access to guidance tailored to your business needs.

Mentor Hours is all about pairing you with a business leader who matches your startup’s goals. Through this, you get a unique opportunity to learn how to tackle the issues facing your business, and how to get ahead of competitors.

Star-power mentors

Past mentors at our events represented some of the biggest names in the tech and investments sectors, including Crunchbase, Nokia Solutions and Networks, Cavalry Ventures, Branch, and Sony. These business leaders got to where they are because they understand the challenges that all young entrepreneurs face.

Practice makes perfect, and our Mentor Hour hosts are among the most experienced professionals in the business world.

Global expertise

Web Summit Qatar brings together tech enthusiasts and business executives from across the globe. Mentor Hours is one of the only resources that offers access to business mentors with a broad understanding of a range of markets.

This means that you can benefit from an outside perspective on regional issues facing your startup, while getting advice tailored specifically to your industry.

How can startups join Mentor Hours?

Companies that are part of Web Summit Qatar’s ALPHA and BETA startup programmes can apply to be part of Mentor Hours. Startups can only submit one application to join Mentor Hours – multiple applications will not be accepted.

Closer to the event, applicants will select a track and a time slot to organise their meeting. Spaces are limited, and offered on a first come first served basis. We encourage all startups to secure their meeting as far in advance of the event as possible.

Soon after selecting a track and time slot, startups will receive a confirmation email containing all of the meeting details, including mentor allocation.

From there, we will provide your mentor with your contact details so the conversation can kick off even before the conference begins. The Web Summit Qatar team should contact you by mid-February with the details of your mentor and the time of your meeting.

To find out more about Web Summit Qatar Mentor Hours, visit our dedicated startups page.

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