5 reasons we’re excited for Trevor Noah to speak at Web Summit Qatar

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Image of author and presenter Trevor Noah.

Award-winning author and presenter Trevor Noah is joining the lineup for Web Summit Qatar.

As we prepare to raise the curtain on the inaugural Web Summit Qatar, we’re excited to have comedian, presenter, author and podcaster Trevor Noah joining us on stage.

Here are just five of the many reasons we think Trevor will wow the audience in Doha.

A master storyteller with global appeal

Trevor, an incredibly engaging speaker who has captivated audiences worldwide, has a unique brand of storytelling that combines experiences growing up in post-apartheid South Africa with insightful observations about global culture.

We also appreciate the presenter’s ability to weave humour into serious topics – not only to entertain, but also to provide a fresh perspective on world events.

New podcast: What Now?

Trevor’s recent venture into podcasting with What Now? is an absolute treat for fans of the presenter’s work and for anyone who loves in-depth conversations with public figures.

What Now? covers a wide range of subjects – from politics to pop culture – with a mix of humour and seriousness. We recommend the episode with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, and the episode where Trevor and Dwayne Johnson talk mental health, work ethic, and whether ‘The Rock’ would consider running for US president.

The Trevor Noah Foundation

The Trevor Noah Foundation is a nonprofit organisation established and launched by Trevor in 2018 with a mission to provide education for underprivileged youth in South Africa. The foundation collaborates with schools, other nonprofit organisations and the South African Department of Education.

The foundation’s work is rooted in Trevor’s own experiences growing up during the final years of apartheid, as well as the presenter’s belief in the power of education to change lives.

Emmy-winning entertainment

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (which won a 2023 Emmy for Outstanding Talk Series) was a gamechanger for the late night talk show scene in the US – a scene that was somewhat lacking in diversity and global perspective.

While Trevor has since left the show to pursue other ventures, the legacy of the presenter’s tenure from 2015 to 2022 is a US talk show with a global sensibility and better representation; one that made an effort to cast a humorous yet thoughtful eye over cultural and political events.

Inspiration through personal triumph

Trevor’s life story is one of overcoming adversity. The author’s memoir, Born a Crime, details the journey from a challenging childhood in Johannesburg to becoming one of the most recognised faces in comedy worldwide. The memoir’s title comes from a time when it was a crime for Trevor’s parents to be an interracial couple in South Africa.

Demonstrating incredible resilience and determination, Trevor is an inspiring role model for anyone looking to overcome personal obstacles and pursue their dreams.

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Streamers fall from an industrial ceiling above a large stage and crowded audience, viewed from the side. On the stage, a large screen shows the Web Summit Qatar logo. This is the closing ceremony of Web Summit Qatar.

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