Don’t miss these talks on Day 1 of Web Summit Qatar

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The first day of Web Summit Qatar is nearly here. Check out these six must-see talks taking place on Day 1 of the event.

Our inaugural Middle Eastern event is almost here, and Day 1 promises to be historic. 

We’ve put together a list of the sessions you won’t want to miss on the first day!

Tabby: Building the Gulf’s first fintech unicorn

Raising more than US$500 million within a year, entering the global unicorn club, and doubling its valuation in just 10 months, all during last year’s economic downturn… Tabby is a story to tell. 

Company co-founder and CEO Hosam Arab takes to the stage to discuss the entrepreneurship journey, the status quo of the BNPL market in the Gulf region, and the future of global fintech.

Space: The next frontier of tech innovation 

An astronaut, an investor and a unicorn founder walk on stage. What do they have in common? They are all stargazers on a mission to make journeys beyond the atmosphere more accessible for everyone.

Join Deep Space Initiative founder, CEO and astronaut Sara Sabry, ICEYE co-founder and CEO Rafal Modrzewski, and Seraphim Capital managing partner and CEO Mark Boggett as they discuss the great unknown and how space might soon become a public arena. 

Building a brain: Meet Konikore the cyborg dog

How do you build a brain? The Konikore is a first-of-its-kind “smell cyborg”, a smell processor that fuses brain cells and silicon to detect odours. 

Witness the Konikore’s world debut in this live demo, as it sets its paws on the road to artificial general intelligence.

Green gold rush: The trillion-dollar opportunity in climate tech 

Climate tech continues to be a hot area of VC funding. Join this session to learn from experts at the forefront of the climate and sustainability industries as they discuss what they’re betting on in 2024.

Indico Capital managing general partner Stephan Morais, 7percent Ventures partner Jeff Crusey, 500 Global partner Amal Enan, and CleanAI founder Nicholas Parker will share insights on the future of climate tech.

The innovation ecosystem: The crucial role of government-industry partnerships in accelerating progress

Collaboration between corporations and government entities is crucial for fostering innovation. What measures should nations adopt to optimise their economic appeal for investment? 

From enacting favourable policies and tax incentives to providing regulatory support, how can a country enhance its global competitiveness amid the dynamic corporate landscape? Join this session to find out.

Investing in India: Why now? 

Delve into India’s rapidly changing investment scene with VC and private equity experts. Uncover the key shifts that have made India an attractive investment hub, and discover why this moment is crucial for opportunistic investors.

Experts including We Founder Circle co-founder Bhawna Bhatnagar and Matrix Partners India managing director Tarun Davda discuss India’s financial landscape in this session.

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