Attendees from around the globe. Endless opportunities.

Our event is all about connecting you to the investors, partners and customers you need to help your business grow. Whether gathering leads on the event floor or networking with potential clients through our app, Web Summit Qatar enables attendees to maximise their business dealings.

Two people sit at a round table, looking at an open laptop. One of the people is pointing to the laptop screen with their right hand, and letting their left forearm rest on the table. The other is resting their right forearm on the table, and has their right hand raised towards their mouth in a manner that suggests focus. Behind them, investor to startup is written in a circle around the Web Summit logo. Below the logo is a bank of rubbish bins. To the left of the logo is a small potted palm tree.

How does Web Summit Qatar work?

Get started before the doors of the event even open, and use our mobile app to find and forge a connection with the entrepreneurs and companies you’d like to do business with. Just search attendees by name, industry or location, then connect or start a chat to lay the groundwork.

Once you arrive in Doha, the whole city becomes your workplace. Meet and target potential customers on the event floor, learn top tips and tricks for doing better business live from our stages, and secure new business development opportunities with contacts in our lounges or in business-friendly spots around the city.

The event doesn’t end when the sun sets. Once Web Summit Qatar closes its doors each day, join us at Night Summit to make meaningful connections.

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Lead generation at Web Summit Qatar

Brand awareness

The world’s leading media publications and journalists will attend Web Summit Qatar looking for the next big news story. They’ll help you share your company’s message with the world – and with the world’s leading businesses.


Meet with some of the world’s most influential investors to get insider advice on how to make your business irresistible. Pitch your ideas, make connections, and network with VCs and funds from around the world.


Networking opportunities are woven through every Web Summit Qatar experience. Start networking weeks before the event with the Web Summit Qatar app – reach out to investors, set meetings and find potential leads.

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Schedule meetings with founders who’ve overcome all the odds and with trendsetting companies in your industry, then follow up on these leads after the event. You never know who may become your new business partner, investor or mentor.

What attendees say about our events

“The future of conferences”

Paul Bricault
Managing Director, Amplify LA

“The future of conferences. Seamless navigation of dynamic main-stage talks coupled with intimate roundtables and networking.”

“The marketplace of the tech community”

Ana Morro Chávez
Co-founder, AirWayBill

“If you’re a general attendee there to find out what’s happening in tech, if you’re a startup there to showcase your product, if you’re an investor seeking opportunities, Web Summit is the marketplace of the tech community.”

“I signed the contract and joined the team”

Vitor Andrade
Growth & Marketing Lead, Capbase

“After shutting down my startup, I decided to attend to look for new job opportunities. The CEO of a San Francisco-based startup saw me on the app and reached out. Fast forward to yesterday… I signed the contract and joined the team.”

“Impressive software; great networking”

Valerie Morris
Physician, Morris Clinic

“Impressive software. Great line-up of speakers, Q&As, roundtables, masterclasses and networking. We are a global family – technology unites us.”

Download the Web Summit Qatar overview to find out more

“The biggest names in tech and business.”

Night time. A brightly lit skyline, viewed across calm waters, featuring several modern glass skyscrapers. There is a row of palm trees where the water meets the shoreline.

– Reuters