Startup sessions

Startup sessions offer the founders of emerging companies advice and direction for facing the challenging modern business environment. These online webinars are designed to help your startup pick up key skills and knowledge that will help set you up for success.

Our startup sessions are only open to startups exhibiting at Web Summit Qatar. You can now apply for our ALPHA startup programme in 2025.

A person (Siam Capital founder and general partner Sita Chantramonklasri) sits in an armchair. Their left leg is crossed over their right, and their fingers are interlaced over their left knee. They're wearing a headset mic and appear to be speaking.
Sita Chantramonklasri
Founder & General Partner
Siam Capital

What are startup sessions?

Startup sessions will take place on our event web app in the run-up to Web Summit Qatar. These digital webinars will run for 45 minutes, and will be hosted by business experts and leaders in the tech industry. Startups who have successfully applied to our startup programme will receive an invitation to join Startup Sessions as part of their event package. Session hosts will speak on a pre-selected topic and facilitate interactive discussions for 30 minutes. There will also be 15 minutes set aside at the end for a Q&A.

Check out some of our past sessions

Illustration of a thick line – roughly a quarter of a circle – arcing across the bottom right corner of a solid square.
Tackling fake news and false facts: Startup myth busting

Many emerging companies fail because they buy into myths and misinformation around how startups scale and sell themselves. Dive into the truth behind what makes startups tick.

Illustration of a hexagon on a solid background.
Pitcher this: Creating the perfect elevator pitch

When you’re facing engaged investors, you only have a few seconds to nail your elevator pitch. This is your chance to learn from experts with the tips and tools you need to out-pitch the rest.

A diamond shape on a solid background.
How can ‘tech for good’ startups measure and communicate their impact?

Startups using tech for good are becoming increasingly desirable. We’ll focus on how these Impact startups can demonstrate their positive effect on the planet and share that widely.

A rectangle placed diagonally on a solid background.
Alternative fundraising options for founders

There’s more than one way to raise funds. Non-dilutive alternatives offer entrepreneurs the chance to leverage venture debt. This allows founders to optimise their startup for valuation.

Investors who host sessions with us

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