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Web Summit returned to Lisbon in November 2023 for another record-breaking event. It brought together more than 70,000 attendees and a historic 2,608 startups from more than 150 countries to share ideas, collaborate, and explore the future of tech.

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A large stage viewed from the back of an auditorium. A seated audience faces the stage. This is Opening Night at Web Summit 2023.
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What’s the secret behind Portugal’s booming startup scene? What role does the country play in developing European tech more generally? And what lies on the horizon for Portuguese entrepreneurs? All this and more about the home of Web Summit.

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The two letters on everyone’s lips at this year’s event? AI. Experts, politicians, scientists, founders and investors all chimed in on tech’s latest craze. Find out what AI means for the future of work, innovation, and government regulation.

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The environment

Earth continues to break temperature records year after year. From new AI solutions and waste-saving tech to the controversial topic of degrowth, here’s what our speakers had to say about slowing the environmental catastrophe.

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Startups and investors

Crypto crashes, boom and bust cycles, the tech slowdown, and the rise of the centaur… Find out what investors had to say at this year’s Web Summit. Discover the latest trends from the world of VCs – and what they mean for startups.

“The founders and companies that are growing have purposeful content.”

A person (actor and Whyzzer investor Kelly Rutherford) sits in an armchair. Their left arm is crossed over their lap, and they're gesturing with their right hand. They're wearing a headset mic and are smiling. They appear to be speaking. Behind them, the Web Summit logo is visible in several places. This is Web Summit 2023, Centre Stage.

– Kelly Rutherford, Actor & Investor, Whyzzer

“The way the economy works right now is just completely nonsensical.”

A person (climate activist Sage Lenier) pictured from the waist up. They are wearing a headset mic, and are gesturing emphatically with their left hand, which is raised into the air. They appear to be speaking. This is onstage at Web Summit 2023.

– Sage Lenier, Founder & Climate Activist, Sustainable & Just Future

“The bubble is over, and that probably is a good thing, because hopefully investors will be more discerning.”

A person (Zopa CEO Jaidev Janardana) sits in an armchair. They are leaning on the right armrest of the armchair. They are wearing a headset mic and gesturing with their left hand. They appear to be speaking. The Web Summit logo is visible in several places behind them. This is onstage at Web Summit 2023.

– Jaidev Janardana, CEO, Zopa