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Web Summit Qatar will gather teams from the some of the world’s top companies. In the words of Inc. Magazine: “Web Summit is now the largest gathering of entrepreneurs”. Attendees come for our inspiring content, expert-led masterclasses and roundtables – where ideas are exchanged and connections are made.

Experience Web Summit Qatar together. Join us in Doha this February.

Three Web Summit 2022 attendees are pictured walking through a brightly-lit tunnel at the event, wearing lanyards. One person is holding a mobile phone and another person is wearing sunglasses.

Why Web Summit Qatar?

We’re a company from Dublin, Ireland that holds events across some of the world’s most exciting tech hubs: Web Summit in Lisbon, Web Summit Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Collision in Toronto and RISE in Hong Kong. In February 2024, Doha joins our international roster with Web Summit Qatar.

The Gulf Times called Web Summit “the world’s largest technology conference”, and said that Web Summit Qatar “will be the first of its kind in the region, bringing together thousands of international entrepreneurs, investors and the next generation of leaders who are reshaping the world”.

Bring your team and seize the opportunity!

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Grow your business, inspire your employees

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Lead generation

Attendees from every industry come to our conferences searching for the next big thing – could it be your company? Web Summit Qatar is your opportunity to find potential customers and build a network of leads that will continue to deliver long after the event ends. 

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Market research

Web Summit Qatar will bring together some of the world’s most exciting companies – from household names and industry veterans, to the startups changing the way things are done. Share ideas and keep your finger on the latest trends to make sure you’re always ahead of the game.

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Upskill and inspire

Web Summit Qatar will feature world-leading experts, innovators, business executives and cultural icons. Top industry figures will host masterclasses, roundtables and discussions to share their expertise across every industry. Put your team ahead of the curve. 

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Global reach

Meet the who’s who of international tech, and make meaningful connections in person and with our event app. Make contacts that will benefit your organisation for years to come, and get exposure from leading journalists and global media organisations. 

What’s included with event tickets?

All Web Summit Qatar tickets include:

  • Access to the exhibition floor
  • Speaker content across 32 industries
  • Tailored networking recommendations
  • App messaging function
  • Expert-led masterclasses
  • Downloadable file of contacts
  • Exclusive perks from our partners
  • Personalised schedule builder
  • Searchable attendee list

Hoping for a tailored event experience? Our startup, investor and partner packages are designed with your success in mind.

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Whether it’s for you, your team or the whole company – we have a ticket or package available

General attendee

The Altice Arena in Lisbon is packed with people attending the Opening Night of Web Summit. In the centre of the picture is Golden Ticket winner Muhsin Hamume who is waving a ticket and smiling.

Our most popular ticket. Access to the exhibition floor, talks, masterclasses, perks, social events and more.

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Group packages

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Get a discount on general attendee tickets for groups of five or more. The larger the group, the more you can save.

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Investor ticket

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Get investor access and benefit from exclusive spaces and pre-arranged meetings. Group packages available.

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Get a tailored experience for your business or organisation

Two people are talking at the Qatar Bank Stand at Web Summit. One person is standing behind the desk wearing an ALPHA startup lanyard.

With partner packages, we work with you to personalise your event experience.

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“A major tech conference”

– Al Jazeera

“The biggest names in tech and business”

– Reuters

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“The world's largest technology conference”

– Gulf Times

“The giants of the web assemble”

– Wall Street Journal

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