Six women-founded startups joining us at Web Summit Qatar 2024

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From cloud poultry systems to healthtech platforms, check out these six women-founded startups joining us at Web Summit Qatar in 2024.

In February, more than 400 startups will gather in Doha to showcase their companies at our inaugural Middle Eastern event.

Here are six women-founded startups joining us at Web Summit Qatar 2024.

Abu Erdan

Founded in 2016, Abu Erdan is a progressive cloud poultry system. It aims to utilise technology to provide cost-effective access to poultry best practices and management tools.

Combining integrated value-chain management with artificial intelligence, Abu Erdan’s mission is to provide users with visibility and traceability to monitor livestock and help streamline daily operations.

Merova Health

Founded in Budapest in 2023, Merova Health is a digital hand and foot care platform that connects diabetic patients with doctors. The platform allows users to consult medical professionals for decision-making assistance and expedites access to care.

The company also provides patient follow-up and after-care support, and strives to ensure patient safety.


Hapondo is a real estate marketplace connecting tenants and buyers with real estate companies.

Born from the need to have a modern and transparent real estate platform in Qatar, Hapondo hopes to provide a seamless user experience and improve the quality of real estate marketing in the country.


Nharm is a sustainability and technology company with a mission to fight against climate change and environmental degradation.

Through utilising technological innovations, the company helps other businesses reduce their carbon footprint, optimise their operations and achieve their sustainability goals.


Qidz is a unique family activity mobile app that connects parents with entertainment, education and after-school vendors.

Founded in Dubai in 2017, the company’s mission is to find, share and update information on child-friendly activities in Dubai.

Talents Arena

By using recruitment AI technology, Talents Arena helps reduce the time and resources needed for recruitment, while improving the quality of company hires.

The company provides help with automatic talent sourcing and matching, scheduling interviews, finding qualified freelancers and evaluating candidates.

For more information on the startups attending Web Summit Qatar, visit our startups page.

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