6 of the top Impact startups joining us at Web Summit Qatar

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From waste solutions and sustainable agriculture to healthcare, these six startups are hoping to make an impact at Web Summit Qatar and beyond. 

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 aspirations that serve as a blueprint for a more eco-conscious, peaceful and prosperous future.

Here at Web Summit Qatar, we want to champion the startups that prioritise bettering the environment and their communities, now and into the future.

The startups selected as part of our Impact startups programme have been chosen based on their commitment to tackle one or more of the UN SDGs.


Agrii is a Kuwait-based platform – both an app and a website – that connects farmers, distributors and suppliers with companies that want to purchase agricultural foodstuffs, including wholesale vegetables and fruit.

Agrii provides wholesalers with access to a wide range of agro-food products from different sources, making it easier to find the products they need at the best prices.

Farmers, distributors and suppliers can use the platform to promote their products and sell them to businesses. The platform makes it easy to create accounts, manage sales orders and communicate directly with buyers.


Terragrow is the company behind the ‘food replicator’, a device that uses advanced hydroponic technology to grow fresh and nutritious food in a controlled environment. It utilises sensors to monitor the plants’ growth and optimise their nutrient intake. 

Terragrow’s proprietary mobile app allows users to track the progress of their crops and receive notifications when it’s time to harvest.


Azary is “an empowered space for every woman to maximise her opportunities to reach her ultimate potential”.

The startup provides women with the tools and resources needed to help them start online ecommerce businesses, including customised online boutiques, step-by-step training courses and full logistics services.


An end-to-end AI assistant, Rhazes aims to make every aspect of clinicians’ work as smooth and error-free as possible by using AI.

Rhazes was built for clinicians by clinicians who have a deep understanding of how they work and the problems they face.


Compocity is a gamified service that turns office food waste into soil and plants it in urban green spaces. Powered by office communities, the all-in-one composting robot creates high-nutrient plant food and gamified impact reporting for compost planting.

Based in Hungary, Compocity helps companies reach their sustainability goals playfully, via tangible results.

Full Bin

Founded in 2020 in Sweden, Full Bin is an app-based on-demand household waste collection service.

In the past four years, the company has expanded its business and is now represented in three countries. Full Bin provides solutions not only to companies within waste management but also to facility management, the hospitality sector and the recycling industry. 

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