Meet our community partner, SKZ Foundation 

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Our community partner, SKZ Foundation, is trying to make a positive impact through education and healthcare in Pakistan.

At Web Summit, we strive to support companies that prioritise community building and making the world a better place.

As our events gather thousands of leaders, visionaries, cultural icons and expert speakers from across the globe, we believe it’s necessary to highlight those making a positive impact.

With that in mind, we sat down with community partner SKZ Foundation to discuss their work and their plans for Web Summit Qatar. 

Can you tell us about what SKZ Foundation is?

Our core mission revolves around empowering marginalised communities in Pakistan through education, healthcare, and environmental awareness. We strive to address the holistic needs of the children we serve, providing essentials like daily meals and uniforms.

Through our initiatives, we aim to break the cycle of poverty and inequality, providing marginalised communities with the tools they need to thrive. By investing in education, healthcare and environmental awareness, we believe in creating a brighter, more equitable future for all.

What are some of the programmes SKZ operates?

1. Container-based school in Lahore: Our flagship educational initiative, the container-based school in Lahore, serves as a beacon of hope for slum children who were previously denied access to education. Through innovative educational methods and comprehensive care, we provide nearly 100 children with quality education, daily meals and essential supplies. This programme aims to break the cycle of poverty by empowering marginalised communities through education.

2. SKZ Gilgit Baltistan: Education is particularly hard to come by in Gilgit Baltistan, especially for girls, due to the remoteness of schools. Our SKZ Gilgit Baltistan initiative addresses this challenge by focusing on providing quality education in remote areas and offering children – especially girls – a chance for a brighter future. We have also expanded our reach to remote regions by adopting schools in distant villages such as Thamachu, Pron and Arincho in Gilgit Baltistan, educating almost 400 students collectively.

3. Ramadan and Eid initiatives: During the holy month of Ramadan and the festive occasion of Eid, we organise special initiatives to foster community spirit and solidarity. These programmes not only provide essential support to families in need but also encourage empathy and compassion within the community, promoting a culture of giving and kindness.

4. SKZ Medical Aid programme: Recognising the critical need for access to quality healthcare, we operate the SKZ Medical Aid programme. Through this initiative, we strive to bring healthcare services and medicines to those who need them most, particularly in underserved communities where access to medical facilities is limited.

How did you become involved with Web Summit Qatar?

Our organisation took the initiative to approach Web Summit Qatar, and we were welcomed with open arms. The team’s warm reception and guidance throughout the process further affirmed our decision to participate.

Their support has been invaluable in ensuring that we make the most of this opportunity to network, engage with industry experts, and contribute to the vibrant tech ecosystem. Furthermore, the event’s focus on redefining the global tech industry was perfectly aligned with our interest in exploring opportunities in the health technology sector.

Recognising the potential to connect with a global audience of investors, journalists, partners and tech enthusiasts, we saw Web Summit Qatar as an ideal platform to showcase our work and forge meaningful collaborations. We were drawn to the prospect of being part of a brand-new event experience that promises to accelerate the growth of the tech scene in the Middle East. 

What are your plans for Web Summit Qatar?

We aim to leverage the platform to showcase the impactful work of the SKZ Foundation, highlighting our initiatives in education, healthcare, environmental awareness and community development. Through engaging presentations, discussions and networking sessions, we intend to raise awareness about the challenges facing underprivileged communities in Pakistan, and our efforts to address them.

We are keen to explore potential collaborations and partnerships. Specifically, we seek to engage with education and health tech businesses to explore innovative solutions for delivering quality education and healthcare to underserved populations. By fostering strategic partnerships, we aim to amplify our impact and expand our reach.

Is there any message SKZ Foundation wants Web Summit Qatar attendees to take away?

It’s crucial to confront the stark reality: in Pakistan, a staggering 26 million children are out of school, with a significant portion from slum communities. These children, with dreams as vast as the sky, are looking to us for support.

At SKZ Foundation, our mission resonates deeply with these aspirations. We’re driven by the conviction that no child should be deprived of education, and that no dream should be shattered due to circumstances beyond their control.

How can people get involved with SKZ Foundation?

There are several ways individuals and organisations can contribute to our mission:

1. Donate: Your financial support can make a significant difference in the lives of those we serve. Whether it’s a one-time donation or a recurring contribution, every amount counts and helps us provide essential resources and services to those in need.

2. Volunteer: If you’re passionate about making a difference on the ground, consider volunteering with us. Whether it’s teaching at our schools, assisting with healthcare initiatives or participating in community outreach programs, your time and expertise can have a profound impact on the lives of others.

3. Advocate: Spread the word about our work and raise awareness about the issues facing underprivileged communities in Pakistan. Share our stories, campaigns and initiatives on social media, and encourage others to get involved and support our cause.

4. Partner: Collaborate with us to amplify our impact. Whether you’re a business, organisation or individual, there are many ways to partner with SKZ Foundation. From corporate sponsorship and CSR initiatives to joint programs and events, together we can achieve greater results and create lasting change.

5. Attend Events: Keep an eye out for events, fundraisers, and campaigns organised by SKZ Foundation. Your participation not only provides valuable support but also helps us build a strong community of advocates and supporters dedicated to our cause.

6. Stay Informed: Stay up-to-date with our latest news, updates, and impact stories. Sign up for our newsletter, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, and visit our website regularly to learn more about our programmes, initiatives, and ways to get involved.

For more information about SKZ Foundation’s work, visit the website here or follow them on social media. 

 Main Image: SKZ Foundation


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