Hamad Bin Khalifa University: Supporting Qatar’s knowledge-based economy

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Entrepreneurship, research commercialisation and strategic collaborations are vital components of Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s success.

Built on entrepreneurship and the pursuit of solutions for local challenges that have a global impact, Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) has advocated for innovation in Qatar since its inception in 2010.

The university takes its commitment to supporting entrepreneurship seriously, focusing on building bridges between various institutions to foster new ideas and solutions to present day challenges.

Discover why HBKU is a vital part of Qatar’s ecosystem, and learn how the university supports innovation and business development in the region. 

Contributing to innovation in the region

Championed by its multidisciplinary colleges and degree programmes – as well as its faculty, researchers and students – HBKU promotes the Gulf nation’s vibrant innovation ecosystem and pipeline for dynamic startups. 

The university presently consists of six colleges:

The rich selection of programmes provided by the colleges, in connection with three specialised research institutes, uniquely positions HBKU to conduct and participate in an array of research and development initiatives that address local and global challenges. 

HBKU’s research institutes are particularly unique to the region, as they help ensure that researchers engage in forward-thinking challenges related to precision health, artificial intelligence and sustainability, while promoting research towards local solutions for global adoption. 

These institutes include:

Using its position to bolster the country’s economy

Located in Qatar’s distinctive Education City multiversity campus, HBKU strengthens the region’s knowledge-based economy in two distinct ways: 

1. Building relationships between organisations and individuals

Nurturing connections that address national research priorities and global challenges is a key function of the institution, and taking part in Web Summit Qatar is a prime example of this. 

The University acts as a hub for knowledge exchange in a multitude of research areas by hosting dedicated events, and has a reputation for turning meaningful connections into impactful initiatives. 

A focus on collaboration, combined with HBKU’s rigorous approach to scientific study, consistently unearths positive responses to challenges that impact local and global communities.

2. Promoting entrepreneurship

HBKU places a central focus on promoting entrepreneurship and advancing research commercialisation. 

Through the Office of Innovation and Industrial Relations, which encompasses key entities including the Innovation Center, the Innovation Funds Office and the HBKU Research and Development Corporation, the university acts as a crucial link between academic knowledge and its application. 

Both within and outside of its boundaries, HBKU nurtures a sustainable entrepreneurial community, providing support to startups through diverse initiatives, including early-stage funding opportunities aimed at pivotal sectors for Qatar’s knowledge-based economy.

The university also sustainably manages, markets and commercialises new products, technologies and services to further champion entrepreneurship and business development.

These strategies aim to have a lasting impact in Qatar and beyond, contributing to the convergence of knowledge and industries while empowering entrepreneurs.

To learn more about the university and how it supports innovation, visit the website or meet them on the event floor at Web Summit Qatar 2024.

Image of Hamad Bin Khalifa University: HBKU


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