Picture of Marco Antonio Rodrigues Santana, CEO, Atomica Health Tech, speaking at Startup Showcase during Web Summit 2023.
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5 tips for getting the most out of Web Summit Qatar as a startup

From polishing a pitch to learning from the experts, here are five ways startups can make the most of...

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Three smiling people facing the camera raise their arms above their heads in apparent celebration. The person in the middle is holding a wooden trapezoidal trophy with the word PITCH laser cut in it. These are the winners of PITCH at Web Summit Qatar. In the centre is Breshna founder and CEO Mariam Nusrat. On the left is Breshna VP Joanna Kurylo. On the right is Blockchain Founders Fund managing partner Aly Madhavji, an investor in Breshna.
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US-based Breshna wins PITCH, powered by Jusour

Breshna has been named winner of Web Summit Qatar’s startup competition, seeing off dozens of int...

February 29 - 3 min read
A large stage viewed over the heads of a packed audience. The Web Summit Qatar logo is visible on a large screen that dominates the back wall of the stage. In the centre of the stage stands His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, the State of Qatar's prime minister and minister of foreign affairs
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Qatar launches ‘fund of funds’ for tech sector

With a focus on economic diversification and an ever-rising standard of living, Qatar has launche...

February 27 - 2 min read

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Check out these Web3 startups attending Web Summit Qatar

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6 of the top Impact startups joining us at Web Summit Qatar

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